Awkward Interactions

Etiquette. I have none.  I start text messages with what I want or need, not a hello or a good morning.
For example:
Me: Couch, do you have those results on JB?
Couch: good morning to you too, CT.
Me: I’m sorry, good morning, Couch! you have those results?

I just don’t think of these things like a normal person does. I don’t want to take up any ones time therefore its easiest if I just get to the point, right?

I also hate answering the phone…as in…I normally don’t. Whenever I see the phone ring, I stare at it and wonder “couldn’t this person have just texted me…” or “this is probably something bad, hence the phone call instead of text or email,” so I just don’t answer.
Well, I won’t answer unless you’re someone I really love. Just know that my answering the phone is a great sacrifice on your account.

Even on my birthday I really despise answering the phone… I mean seriously, how many times does one have to feign happiness about being older and getting sung at?  Its uncomfortable. Then again, if I got no phone calls, I’d probably throw a three year old temper tantrum about the lack of attention on my birthday.

Conversations in person normally begin with me talking at someone about something unrelated only to get around to what I need or want…and I don’t usually say good morning either.  I don’t include niceties because I’m afraid if I wait too long to get to my point, I’ll forget everything I wanted to say in the first place.  It happens. I promise.

I’m not alone in this awkwardness am I? Doesn’t look like it from all the cell phones I see in the crowds around me.


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