Why I Think I Need Flood Insurance

I woke up this morning and felt like I had a cheetah was beating in my chest. A very fast, angry cheetah. My eyes popped open and I looked at my still sleeping Tay next to me.  I, without any luck, tried to determine the time based on how much light was peaking through the windows of my cave like room. I was sure it was early, not time to get up, but early. I felt my pulse… 80bpm. That’s normal enough. I shakily got up and walked to the bathroom and then realized it was 5am. I couldn’t fall back asleep.

It made me think about the time I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night because a nightmare became reality in the form of rain water rushing in my back door. I’m talking I walked as fast as I could sleepily into the kitchen because I heard Laura yelling about water. I stepped down onto the back landing area into ankle deep muddy water rushing in my back door.  My first thought was I have to be dreaming because the door is closed and water can’t invade my home space without my permissiong, dammit. AND THE DOOR IS CLOSED. NOT POSSIBLE.   

Laura yelling at me for towels totally woke me up and I realized we were flooding..I mean the basement was flooding…but I was pretty sure with the time I’d spend cleaning it all up would totally mean I was also drowning in a sense.

The muddy water kept coming, soaking towels, comforters, clean clothes, dirty clothes, anything that would suck up water. The rain fell outside, relentlessly, mocking our efforts to save our home. Tay and I rushed outside and began sweeping at the rain with brooms, doing the whole fist at the air, cursing the heavens for dropping the ocean on our head.

Finally, one of us grabbed a board and barracaded the outside of the door and ran back inside. We finally felt like the water slowed to a solid trickle and decided to go back to bed and deal with it the next day. 

This is only a SMALL part of the damage…


$3000 later, we have a retaining wall as well as a french drain along the house to help protect us from any more midnight thirty noah’s ark bullshit.


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