Snowmaggedon 2016.

I wanted to come up with a witty nickname for this post.  Alls fair in snow and war.  Something quirky.  Nineteen eighty snow.

Then I realized there is nothing else to call this storm other than Snowmaggedon 2016, since that’s what everyone else was calling it on the Twits, TheBook, and whatever else out there that I post on.  Maybe it’ll bring more followers if they are searching for blogs about #snowmaggedon2016. Or just #snow?

It has been snowing since around 2pm yesterday.  That means we are going on close to 27 hours of snow.  I’m unsure of the accumulation at this moment, but I would guess that it’s around 27 inches.  27 is just going to be my favorite number at the moment.  I’m tired of doing laundry.  The dogs are sleeping. I’ve shoveled twice, or maybe three times? I lost count.

The wind is blowing so hard outside that I can’t really see too well across the street.  I can barely see Laura’s car now, just little smudges of black in the white snow.  Surprisingly so, my day has consisted of animal care, doing some work, netflix binging, eating leftovers, starting (and not finishing) laundry, and sitting in front of my giant light doing a little light therapy since I haven’t seen the sun in a couple of days.

I let Tripp out earlier in his new coat. He came back, sans coat.  I’ll never find that thing, at least not until the snow stops falling.



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