Apparently, it’s Snowzilla.

I was alone for 73 hours.  Well, alone, plus the animal kingdom (Bly, Tripp, Saki, Ahmi, and Henry).  I wrote throughout the hours of being alone and what you read below is my best job at pulling it all together.  I didn’t want to post it as I was writing it because who knows what creepers would have been looking in my windows knowing I was home alone for that long.  Here’s a picture of me doing a lot of shoveling!


These are CT Newby’s stages of being snowed in:

Stage 1: Determination – Determination is peaked through preparation time.  Being snowed in alone (with animals) means there needs to be tons of snacks, tons of activities, and tons of entertainment.  I made lists of what lists I needed to make. And dammit, I was sure I was going to finish everything on the list.  It read as follows:
1. shovel
2. laundry
3. dishes
4. re-caulk bathtub
5. tape bedroom
6. paint bedroom
I’m sure there are other things on my list, but I’m unsure if I care to remember.

Stage 2: Excitement – Excitement hit when I realized I had the house to myself for hours on hours on hours.  I ran around in my bathrobe, slippers, and beanie cap on my bald head.  I listened to music loudly, fell asleep with the tv on, and shoveled with pure raw energy.  I started to do laundry and I danced my way through junk food and snow shoveling.

Stage 3: Sleep – Sleeping can occur in nap form or longer naps during that stage of the day one would think of as “nighttime.”  During a snowstorm, with the curtains closed, I sometimes like to ignore what time it actually is and pretend.  I tried to remove caulk from the bathtub at an odd hour in the night.

Stage 4: Denial – Denial has me thinking “I am so tired of this white stuff.  I am just sure it is not going to stop falling. It just keeps coming way too hard and too fast and ahhh hell, I think I’m stuck here in this house, alone, forever. I can’t even see across the street. Of course, my anxiety kicked into high gear and I knew this wasn’t going to be a fun snowcation.

Insert Nap Here

Stage 4: Existential Crisis – This is the fancy word for BIGGEST PITY PARTY ever.  I wished I was somewhere else in some other time that feels better than how I felt in that moment.  I hated everything…the snow, the fact that I had shoveled and shoveled and still couldn’t get out.  This occurred around the 39th hour of being alone.  I made it almost a full workweek amount of time alone and I was good.  Then I felt like I was on the brink of some severe anxiety, so I decided to go to sleep listening to some calming music.

Insert Nap Here

Stage 5: Persevering – I really can’t stand snow, I can’t stand being stuck in the house, I want a flamethrower or ocean water and melt all this crap and make it go the hell away so I can leave.

Stage 6: Life Exists – I saw people. I replenished my snacks.  I found out that we didn’t have school tomorrow.  I came home, got in my indoor hammock and began to write.  The animals are calm (unfortunately, because let me tell you I almost benadryl’d these pups a couple of times).  FINALLY.




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