I was reviewing presidential candidates with my advisory when one of my students called out “Can’t we just vote for Obama again?  Change that rule that says we can’t!”  I found myself also asking the same thing; can we change the 22nd amendment and vote Obama in again?  America, you are really starting to scare me.

On one side, there is an overgrown oompa loompa and two dudes with the last names of Cruz and Rubio who jump the bandwagon of hating the “others” that the first guy warns us about. Idiots.  Pure. Idiots.  If we had a time machine invented, I’d kick them all back to the stone age.


Guys!  What is wrong with you people that pay that unpleasant orangutan any mind?  Trump encourages this type of behavior! !

On the other side, there is Hilary (who an ex of mine once nicknamed Shrillary) who  has been blamed for the shoddy security at Benghazi and decided to share national secrets via email… It got me wondering: Bill was wreckless with his pants, why couldn’t she do that instead of being all willy nilly wreckless with the country’s security.  The only guy I kind of like is ole’ Bernie, but his age scares me a bit.  But, he’s passionate, he’s an activist, and above all he seems like someone I could share a good bourbon with and wax philosophical with. I like what he speaks about.  But, I’m afraid people look at him like a crazy old professor…like Doc from Back to the Future! 


Then again….
Holy hell, Trump does look a lot like Biff.


We’re screwed. Thanks ‘Merica…


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