I’ve heard this story before — that one where that color meant for purity and friendship, catastrophically shoots you dead. See, what some of y’all fail to notice is that “white” is no longer just a check box on a form used for data. White is no longer just that one crayon that never gets used. Whiteness, white privilege, and the man, has existed since the day we stripped a land from its people and put our whiteness into power. And we amplified this blind hate when we stole a race and caste them into the hells of slavery.
Symbolically, especially in literature, white represents the “good guy” and black gives a feeling of impending doom and death. THAT IS IN LITERATURE. Black and white are not so easily symbolized the same anymore. These scenarios are playing out in our very own front yard and if you’re silent in these times then you are just as bad as the oppressor. My very best friend is a Washington metro office… And a damn good one. One of the true good guys BUT because of her nature as a person. Cops aren’t all bad, but what happens when the good ones don’t step forward. Maybe that’s where we are now? This authoritarian godlike notion and training of “shoot to kill” is a double edged sword. Do I want my best friend to end up dead because she hesitated too long weighing the choices? Hell no. She is my best man, my “son,” I want her alive every morning when I wake up and say hello. It’s a hard world for the good guy…she struggles to sleep at night. She gets angry. She sees and relives moments that probably few can grasp. I don’t want it to harden her. I’m just afraid that this power struggle is continuously being fed and has gone to too many heads in the wrong form. The script is continuously being written in too many threads and it’s the wrong script. White doesn’t mean good. Black doesn’t mean bad. Ignoring whiteness is ignoring the disgusting things people of color have endured for years. It’s gut wrenching fearing for my best friend’s safety in these times. It’s even worse having to explain to my students (all people of color) why the police target people that look like them. I have to call my boy, Kharonn, to check on him. I shouldn’t have to. I’m so tired of shedding tears with my students. 

This is enough. It was enough long before now. Wake up, the America we are creating for our kids is not an America that treats them as equals. Wake. The. Hell. Up.


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