Meet Henry

I have decided that you readers out yonder (as we say in Kentucky – not really…okay, maybe) should know a little more about The Animal Kingdom.  Sometimes, I feel like The Animal Kingdom could be its only little miniseries of a blog or blog or whatever….these animals in my household (the pets, not L & T, although they can sometimes be animals especially when not fed on an interval basis – hehe) are ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.

So, first in line will be our newest addition to the Taylor – Newby – Green household (my god, we are just too20151128_120254 much aren’t we?), Sir Henry David Catreau (see the resemblance? I see it, shut up!) henry david thoreau
His name prior to me saving him from the depths of pet store hell, was Hunter.  Because he liked to hunt things. No shit.  He’s a cat –
they’re predators.  He’s one of a kind though.  He h
as the fast cycling of an unmedicated person with Rapid-Cycling bipolar disorder. Henry will be sweet one moment and absolutely crack addict wired the next moment.  He’ll be curled up on my chest, asleep, and purring only seconds later across the room tackling our shitzu with the force of a linebacker. I’ve seen him torture our sweet Saki Samuel into hiding under a Christmas tree hoping he won’t be noticed. **Bad hiding spot, Saki, Sir Henry David Catreau thinks of the tree as his mini-kingdom.** 


Henry often climbs on parts of the house that he shouldn’t be able to climb on. Like screen doors, Christmas trees, bay windows, rod-iron railings, the bigger dogs, my legs, my back.  It’s painful, especially when its a body part.  Just this morning, I was sitting on the couch and Henry jumped up from where he was behind me sleeping, and proceeded to jump on my back in an attempt to climb up my t-shirt.  His nails were out so not only did he climb the t-shirt, he also climbed my back.

His favorite thing to climb, is the screen door.  He’s a lunatic with the backdoor.  I don’t even think he wants to go outside as much as he just 20151227_142011.jpgwants to climb to the very top in hopes that we have placed a bell he can ring to notify the cat-gladiator world that he has DEFEATED THE GAUNTLET!  See below, for his latest victory run on the GAUNTLET!

And of course after all that hoopla and carrying on, he lays down next to his frenemy, Saki Samuel, to take a little snooze before hunting again.